Postcards (early 20th century)

A small selection of the postcards collected by my maternal grandmother – Bethia Holmes (nee Currie).

You may notice the symbol II..II on the backs of some of the postcards. My grandmother worked in the Post Office, after leaving school in 1899, and became a telegraphist. According to my uncle, Andrew Holmes, the morse code –..–, being translated, is M.I.M, the telegraph code for “laughter”, “joke” or “ha ha”. As a child I would be summoned, if I wandered away too far, by a whistle (2 high, 2 low and 2 high). Apparently this “family whistle” was even understood by my uncle’s dog.

My cousin Anthony writes:

Very interesting to learn about the family whistle! My father later used it to call 'Sputnik', a dog he had to get me when I was in Primary 3. (I qualified [as a vet] just in time to put her to sleep in 1976). We have always used it since on 5 subsequent dogs, including current Scottie 'Haggis'.

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