Gloriana (Glory) Currie’s photo album – WAAC Telegraphist WW1 France

Glory Currie (1891 to 1952)

From the recollections of my Uncle Andrew Holmes:

During the first World War the Currie Aunties joined one of the women’s organisations, probably the W.A.A.C’s (Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps) and Auntie Glory (A.G.), and perhaps Auntie Jeanie (A.J.) too, saw service in France. From that time Auntie Glory struck up a firm friendship with a Madame Leseille, a friendship which was kept up by correspondence and by mutual visits on holiday. I don’t remember ever meeting M. and Mme. Leseille in Edinburgh but I stayed with them for a few days at their home near Rouen in 1933 when I was on my way back from a holiday with Jacques Hay’s family at Montlucon. Naturally Auntie Glory had a fairly good knowledge of French and she took me occasionally to the French Church in Edinburgh which was somewhere in the Chalmers Crescent area. I have always been a believer in religion as an aid to language study! Also, every Christmas A.G. would be sure to receive a large glossy French magazine called “L’Illustration” from Mme. Leseille which I liked to read on our fairly frequent visits to the aunts when they lived in Falcon Gardens, Edinburgh.
Auntie Glory, like so many others of our family on both sides, was employed in the Post Office and latterly she was in charge, first of the Hope Street branch, Edinburgh and then of the Comiston Road branch. Though she would sometimes complain about the unreasonableness of the customers, I should think that with her quick intelligence and quiet manner she must have made a pretty effective postmistress. She died of cancer in 1952.