Coast & Castles cycle route. Newcastle to Edinburgh: August 2015


CTC Edinburgh (Cycling UK Lothians and Borders) Cine Film from early 1980s

A Cine film showing members of the Cyclists’ Touring Club Lothians District Association (DA) in the Early early 1980s. The DA is now part of the charity Cycling UK and is known as the Lothians and Borders members group of Cycling UK.

George McDermid 0:48
Margaret Russell telling us off for leaving someone behind 2:02
Drum up 2:32
Willie Bennett 2:33 (wearing blue hat and orange jacket)
Anne Glendinning 2:50
Ferniehirst SYHA 3:08
Carter Bar 3:20
Cycling to York Rally 4:25
Bellingham YHA Warden 5:06
Stirling University 6:00
York Rally 6:36
York Rally parade 7:57
Norwich Birthday rides 9:25
Audrey Fyfe 10:10
Jack and Ena Murdoch 10:57
Bob Lunn 11:23
Don Johnston 13:37
Irene Cain 13:44
Neidpath castle 14:46
Club hut, Polmood 15:02
Jimmy Law 17:36
Weekend to Galloway 18:58
Pitlochry SYHA 20:43
David Slater 24:25
Crichton Castle 25:54
Richard’s broken frame fixed with a broom handle 26:54
Club tandem 27:33
Rear wheel shedding spokes 28:24
Train back from Birthday rides 28:41

Cycling near Gladhouse reservoir (early 1980s)